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Murdoch talks with Comcast and Verizon spur deal frenzy – Financial Times

Parts of 21st Century Fox could be sold as mogul considers breaking up his empire

Saudi investors check out after hotel turned into luxury prison – Financial Times

Mood of optimism swings to concern in wake of corruption purge

Zimbabwe war veterans call on Mugabe to resign – Financial Times

President allowed out of house arrest to university graduation ceremony

Vanity Fair’s new editor poised to wield the axe – Financial Times

Radhika Jones to cut budget by 30% as Condé Nast grapples with industry slowdown

Exodus the only answer for thousands of Venezuelans – Financial Times

Autocratic rule, food shortages and a deep recession have created a refugee crisis

Nissan chief to return part of salary following scandal – Financial Times

Saikawa move triggered by report detailing decades of systematic rule breaking and cover-ups

UN secretary-general António Guterres on Trump and North Korea – Financial Times

Over fish at UN HQ, the diplomat talks about his battle to refashion a bureaucratic behemoth

Da Vinci sale propels auction houses to $2bn week – Financial Times

Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips see strong bidding for trophy lots in big season sales

Tesla unleashes supercar from newly launched truck – Financial Times

Elon Musk says revamped Roadster will be ‘fastest production car ever made’

Can journalists ever regain Americans’ trust? – Financial Times

FT US news editor Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson goes to Bowling Green, Kentucky to investigate the crisis of confidence in the age of fake news

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