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US barrels towards government shutdown – Financial Times

Republicans in disarray after Trump complicates efforts to reach deal on funding

France’s Sun King courts business at ‘mini Davos’ – Financial Times

Macron draws global elite to Versailles before they head for economic forum in the Alps

M&A: Ferrero spreads its chocolate empire – Financial Times

The group has signed a $2.8bn deal with Nestlé, but is it taking on too much in the US?

US stocks eye record for steadiness on choppy seas – Financial Times

Market shrugs off looming shutdown by closing in on longest streak without reversal

David Letterman, the chat show host returns on demand – Financial Times

Former ‘Late Show’ presenter fronts Netflix series to woo the online generation

Jim Mattis warns US losing military edge – Financial Times

Defence secretary puts countering China and Russia at heart of military strategy

‘I’m not a crocodile’: Zimbabwe’s president has lunch with the FT – Financial Times

He spent decades at Mugabe’s side, but now he’s leader, what does Emmerson Mnangagwa plan?

Paul Thomas Anderson: ‘I killed the world’s greatest actor?! Don’t blame me for that!’ – Financial Times

The ‘Phantom Thread’ filmmaker talks awards, insecurity and why he’s not to blame for Daniel Day-Lewis quitting movies

Why the alt-right is winning America’s meme war – Financial Times

‘The memes are so potent because they are designed to be subversive and to bait their opponents into a reaction’

US 10-year Treasury yield at highest since Trump win – Financial Times

Economy boosted by tax reform seen prompting higher interest rates

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